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Application Fee Schedule


New Fee (USD)
effective 01/04/16

Comprehensive Credentials Review (Type 1 Review)01 $810
Educational Credentials Review02 $525
Physical Therapist Assistant Educational Equivalency Review (PTA-EER)03 $525
New York Credentials Verification $425
Pre-Service PLAN (PS-PLAN) $205
PLAN Full04 $510
PLAN Incremental $205
Reactivation05 $225
Re-evaluation06 $380
Type 1 Certificate Renewal $380
Reissue Type 1 Certificate $100
Duplicate Report07 $100
Grade Conversion08 $55
Copies $25
Cancellation or Change of Service Request Fee09 $105
Late Fee10 $105
Credit Card Chargeback Fee11 $105
Appeal to Board of Directors $1,000

Important: All payments are to be submitted via credit card at the time of application. FCCPT reserves the right to adjust the fee schedule at any time without notice.

  1. Comprehensive Credentials Review (Type 1 Review) includes certificate and report forwarded to applicant and one (1) jurisdiction or recipient.
  2. Educational Credentials Review includes report forwarded to applicant and one (1) jurisdiction or recipient.
  3. Physical Therapist Assistant Educational Equivalency Review (PTA-EER) includes a report forwarded to the applicant and to one (1) jurisdiction or recipient.
  4. PLAN-Full advising includes a re-evaluation after coursework is completed. You must apply for the PLAN Re-evaluation separately in order to receive this included re-evaluation.
  5. Reactivation will reinstate a closed application. Reactivations are not applicable to the New York Credentials Verification service.
  6. Re-evaluations are a reassessment of academic credentials based on new information provided by an applicant or academic institution. PLAN Re-evaluations are included in the fee for PLAN-Full service and will not be charged an additional fee, but you must complete the PLAN-Full service before applying for PLAN Re-evaluation.
  7. Type 1 Review, Credentials Evaluation Review, and PTA-EER each include one (1) Included Report. The Duplicate Report fee will be charged for all additional report(s) requested at time of application, or after application has been submitted.
  8. Grade Conversion Fee will be applied after service request if required by university or college or requested by applicant.
  9. Service fee for Withdrawal of Service request or Change of Service request will be applied if request is made five (5) or more business days after application date.
  10. Late Fee will be applied if invoice is not paid-in-full within thirty (30) business days of application.
  11. If an applicant requests a chargeback of a fee from their credit card company, FCCPT will charge the applicant a service fee.

If there is an error in billing, Contact Us with the details and a refund may be arranged. Refunds take up to thirty (30) days to process and will be issued to the credit card used for payment.