Pre-Service PLAN (PS-PLAN) offers preliminary guidance from a PLAN advisor before applying for a Comprehensive Credentials Review (Type 1 Review), Educational Credentials Review, or Physical Therapist Assistant Educational Equivalency Review (PTA-EER).

Before considering PS-PLAN, you should go through the appropriate CWT and identify any possible academic deficiencies.  The PLAN Advisors will not do this for you as part of the PS-PLAN service.

Who should apply for PS-PLAN?

  • If you have not had a credentials evaluation with FCCPT or another agency, but know you have specific academic deficiencies and need assistance finding courses to complete the academic requirements.
  • If you have identified content areas that you know were not in your PT school’s curriculum, a PLAN advisor will identify courses that will cover those deficiencies.
  • If you want to verify if a specific course or courses, or college/university program that you have found will meet USCIS or jurisdiction criteria for academic equivalency.

Important: You should not apply for PS-PLAN if:

  • You have a completed evaluation report from FCCPT. Please refer to PLAN-Full or PLAN-Incremental if you need interpretation of your report and assistance in meeting any academic requirements identified on your evaluation report.

What does PS-PLAN include?

  • Suggested Course Options: PLAN advisors will provide a list of approved U.S. academic institutions that offer courses for specified subject area(s) identified at your request for information about content deficiencies; and/or
  • Answers to Specific Course Inquiries: PLAN advisors will provide answers to questions about courses that you have found to meet academic requirements before you enroll in the courses; and/or
  • Research on Academic Institutions: PLAN advisors will determine whether an academic institution is recognized as a post-secondary degree granting institution.
  • PS-PLAN Report: Upon completion, a PLAN advisor will provide detailed information and/or suggestions in a PS-PLAN report, based on your specific inquiry and requirements of most current Coursework Evaluation Tool (CWT).
    • Note: If you apply for PS-PLAN service, it is your responsibility to review the CWT and compare these criteria to your PT school’s curriculum to identify missing content requirements.
    • If the CWT changes after delivery of the PS-PLAN report, the findings of the PS-PLAN report may no longer be applicable.

What PS-PLAN does not include:

  • PS-PLAN does not include a Health Care Worker Certification.
  • PS-PLAN does not include a credentials evaluation.
    • If you need an evaluation of your educational credentials and a detailed evaluation report from FCCPT, or would like to apply for a license to practice in a U.S. jurisdiction, please refer to the Educational Credentials Review service.
    • Note: The Educational Credentials Review is also included in the Type 1 Review, used for immigration purposes.
  • PS-PLAN does not include pre-approval of coursework. Only PLAN-Full provides pre-approval for coursework.

Do's and Don'ts for Pre-Service PLAN:

What you must do to apply:

  • Review the most current PT or PTA Coursework Tool, available on the FSBPT website, and make note of specific content areas that may not have been included in your PT degree program. You can also reference our Country Profiles for common deficiencies found in foreign PT programs.
  • Review the application requirements for the jurisdiction(s) you are interested in applying for licensure in, and check for any special or updated requirements prior to application.
    • You should inform your PLAN Advisor of which jurisdiction(s) you are interested in, in order to assist in determining if there are any special requirements.
  • Complete the online application and pay for PS-PLAN.
  • Prepare and send your inquiry to your PLAN Advisor after initial contact.
    • Your PLAN Advisor will contact you after you have applied for PS-PLAN. You must respond to your PLAN Advisor, via e-mail, with all of your questions, suspected academic deficiencies, and/or possible courses or academic institutions to which you are interested in enrolling, in one e-mail message.

What you should not do:

  • Do not send, or request your academic institution(s) to send, your academic documents. PS-PLAN does not include a review of your educational credentials.
  • If you would like an evaluation of your academic credentials, refer to the Educational Credentials Review.

What your PLAN advisor does:

  • Your PLAN Advisor will contact you via e-mail within fifteen (15) business days after you apply.
  • After receiving your request, the PLAN Advisor will review your inquiry, and will:
    • Identify a list of options for courses to meet the specific content to meet academic requirements; and/or
    • Answer specific questions about a course or courses that you have found; and/or
    • Determine if an academic institution is recognized as a post-secondary degree granting institution.
  • Your PLAN Advisor will provide a detailed summary of their findings to you in a PS-PLAN Report.

What your PLAN Advisor does not do:

  • Your PLAN Advisor will not review your current documents or PT curriculum to identify any potential academic deficiencies. Refer to the Educational Credentials Review for this service.

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