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If you have an open service with FCCPT, log in and check the status of your file online. You can see which documents have been received and whether your file has gone into review.

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  • You need four pieces of information to log in to your file:
    • FCCPT file number
    • Your last name at time of application
    • Your date of birth (month/day/year)
    • Your country of birth
  • If you cannot remember your file number or are unable to access your online file after entering these four pieces of information, then you should immediately Contact Us.

Once you have successfully accessed your online file, you will be able to view the progress for any open service.

Note: If you have a service that has been closed, you will not be able to view the service checklist on your online file. If you have any questions regarding a closed service, please proceed to the Reactivation page for more information.

Explanation of service checklist:

On your service checklist, you will see one of three (3) possible statuses under "Requirement Satisfied":

  • "NO" – means FCCPT has not received the document.
  • "YES" –means that FCCPT has received the required document, and has added it to your file.
  • "WAIVED" – A checklist item can be “Waived” for a variety of reasons. Please see below.

Important: If the "Requirement Satisfied" status says “Waived”, the requirement has been met, and you do not need to do anything at this time.

Why a requirement may be “Waived”:

  • The item has been received. Under certain circumstances the system does not automatically set the "Requirement Satisfied" to “Yes”. When this occurs, an FCCPT staff member manually waives the requirement.
  • The item is no longer required because another document has satisfied the requirement.

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